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What the fuck is Vue?

It’s not clear if programmers are silly or if they’re geniuses. Vue is a Javascript library that is used for the front-end or browser. You might say it’s used in the ‘view’ of an application. Oh, and vue means sight or vision in French. Clever.

Vue or VueJS is classified as a reactive library. Most other tools and libraries required you to proactively change the user interface when data changes. Vue, and other reactive libraries, “react” to data changes and update the interface automatically.

There are a number of reactive type libraries and frameworks available (like Angular and React). Vue is sort of a middle child between React and Angular. It has more configuration and less flexibility than React, but is not as rigid in configuration and usage as Angular. This tightened way of doing things allows programmers to spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time focusing on improving the core library. Oh, and where Angular and React are created and managed by big companies (“The Man”), Vue is a community-driven project.

Vue is often used with, but not limited to, open source projects. (That sounds like something a fucken lawyer would have wrote.) Similar to React, Vue has spawned a number of side projects that allow a programmer to program with Vue but create other products besides browser-based interfaces.

Because Vue is a library on top of Javascript, it’s likely that a programmer who knows Vue knows Javascript. However, as with all this shit, there are times when a Vue developer only knows Vue configuration, and is shit at Javascript programming.