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What the fuck is NodeJS?

NodeJS, sometimes just referred to as Node, is Javascript that is programmed and ran solely on the server or back-end. However, this is where it gets fucking confusing. If a programmer knows Javascript, they may be able to program in the browser or in NodeJS. However, they may not be able to do it in both. If a programmer knows NodeJS, that doesn’t mean they know how to program Javascript in the browser. Ok.

NodeJS is considered an Open Source language. As with most languages, it has gone through many iterations and versions. This means that programs written in one version of NodeJS may not function properly in another version.

Because of the unique architecture of the NodeJS programming language, it’s often used to handle larger groups of requests at the same time. While it can be programmed to respond directly to requests from the internet, its usually placed behind a webserver like Apache or NGINX. NodeJS is the programming language in the MEAN stack.