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What the fuck is NGINX?

NGINX, pronounced “engine-x,” is a web server. It’s like Apache but better, or worse. Depending on your use-case, your opinion, what direction the wind is blowing, etc. Programmers and IT folk are fickle.

NGINX is software that runs on the computer to respond to requests from the internet. When your computer requests a specific web page, NGINX is responsible for helping to figure out what the fuck to send back. Let’s be honest, just read the Apache page, and then come back to this article. It’s hard thinking of new shit to say about a very similar thing.

There are differences between versions of web servers like Apache or NGINX. NGINX is a bit newer and arguably faster than Apache. Its modular architecture allows it to change and adapt to new configurations more rapidly. In the world of webservers, you might think of Apache as the journeyman and NGINX as a recently graduated star apprentice.

NGINX is part of the LEMP stack.