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What the fuck is Linux?

Linux is an operating system. Operating systems bridge the gap between the computer hardware and what the user instructs the computer to do. Operating systems you might be familiar with are MacOS or Windows.

This is another one of those things that people confuse being able to use it with fucking knowing it. Most people claim to know Linux just know how to use it. Understanding it requires a much deeper knowledge and far more nerdiosity. Ask someone “why might you use single-user mode in linux?” or “what benefits would you get from partitioning the disk by hand versus letting it happen automatically?” When you see the blank stare of death, that means they just use it, not know it.

Linux is an open source operating system. This means that anyone can see how it was made. This also means that a community of people, a mix between volunteer and paid, contribute to the programming and distribution of it. For some people, that shit is scary: an operating system where anyone can see the source and tweak it. But, there is a process for accepting updates and changes, and a robust testing system.

Linux can be smaller in size than most operating systems. That allows it to be embedded into many different smart devices. If your fridge is smart, its probably running Linux.

Linux is part of the LAMP Stack.