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What the fuck is the LEMP Stack?

LAMP was cool - because it was an acronym and also a word - yay! Well, for this stack, we had to make up a word… sigh.

The LEMP Stack is a term that indicates a specific set of technologies that makes a website function. LEMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, NGINX (“Engine-X”), MySQL and PHP.

When someone says they know the LEMP stack, that’s saying a fucking lot. This means they’re claiming to know how operating systems work (Linux), how the web server works (NGINX), how databases work (MySQL) and how to program using PHP. Each of these are their own full set of technologies that require years of practice, research and hands-on skill. Most of the time, these fuckers are just lying to you to make themselves sound big-time. Or when they say they “know” they mean, they know “about” but don’t challenge them. Long-time programmers, who are cranky like this website’s author, are likely to know the stack fully. The recent grad, probably not.